VPS hosting – Virtual Private Server web hosting

VPS hosting is a hosting environment that is in the middle between shared hosting and dedicated servers. It have both features and characteristics of shared and dedicated web hosting. So it is the the perfect environment for people who are on budget and who are looking for cheap hosting with dedicated server features like custom applications, specific settings, more cpu power and more memory. Also the nature of virtual private servers allows burstable RAM. For example when there are traffic spikes more memory may be required because of the many visitors that are visiting the site at the same time.
This will ensure that there is no downtime of the website. With root access that will allow you to fully manage your vps server, install software, reboot your server, and other things that are not allowed in shared hosting. The prices, depending on the CPU power and memory are far cheaper than the price of dedicated server. And you can upgrade any time to more powerful vps configuration. But you always need to do research before you buy. We started looking for reliable vps web hosting provider, and in the process we have tested several hosts, and this is the list we have come up with hosts that have the best ratings, user reviews, support and uptime.
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